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one day course

The following is a suggested process enabling staff to create a packaged classroom resource in a day. The emphasis is the provision of a time saving and educative tool.

A package in a day

“Web2.0 will save you hours and engage your students in ways books never will”


Morning session will be a presentation and discussion with the mid-day session as a workshop building resources.

Blogs in Teaching and Learning
Session 1
BLOGS in teaching and learning.
What is a Blog
How do you make one blogger.com https://www.blogger.com/start and
What can they be used for in teaching and learning? http://sushi.global2.vic.edu.au/

You are able to add to the Blog: text, word documents, embed images, sound, video and PowerPoint presentations or any or all of your resources as well as dynamic Web 2.0

Questions can be placed on http://piratepad.net
Today we can visit this prepared piratepad http://piratepad.net/S0Cgp812tg
Additional sites

Podcasting in Teaching and Learning
Session 2
PODCASTING in teaching and learning
Podcasts are really very simple using audacity or link to an uploaded recording. They are either audio or video recordings that are put on the internet and have the potential to be brilliant resources to use with students.
How to Podcast can be found in this document at http://weblogg-ed.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/05/RSSFAQ4.pdf

Google in teaching and learning
Session 3
Google in teaching and learning
It’s highly likely that you are already familiar with the Google search engine http://www.google.com/
Google, though, is now much more than just a search engine … we will also cover some of the other Google applications that are available to teachers.
google directory http://directory.google.com/
Study search http://www.studysearch.com.au/

What is googlesites 
Create your own website using googlesites by visiting here

In particular we will look at Google Docs which allows you and your students to set up free collaborative Word documents and Spreadsheets online.

A Social Network for your Classroom
Session 4
A Social Network for your Classroom

In the last few years online Social Networks have grown enormously in popularity with students around the world … but these have not yet been adopted or used by many schools. In fact quite a number of schools around the world have blocked access on the school network to some of the social network websites but the following are quite useful.
Delicious http://delicious.com/gregrobertson
Wikispaces http://gregrobertson.wikispaces.com/
Slideshare http://slideshare.net
Youtube http://youtube.com

Advanced Internet Applications
Session 5
Advanced Internet Applications designed to save teachers time

An RSS aggregator RSS also has the capability of saving teachers a large amount of time if they need to check multiple student podcasts, blogs wikis or websites. An RSS feeder example google reader http://www.google.com.au/ig?rls=ig&hl=en&source=iglk
This site cooltoolsforschools has Web2.0 listed in categories https://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/

Download this sheet from here

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