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Professional Reading


  • this link is to an excellent site that provides a development model for podcasting here
  • this link is to an excellent “how to” site for podcasting here

Blooms Taxonomy

  • Readings for thinking and Blooms here
  • Readings for the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, with applications in Digital applications. For more information, go to here
  • Readings for Blooms Taxonomy | Lesson Plans and Tests Using Blooms Taxonomy: here
  • Readings for Blooms links here
  • Readings for use of Blooms Taxonomy sentence stems to develop better questioning here

Multiple Intelligences

  • Visual Multiple Intelligence tests can be found here
  • Technology and Multiple Intelligences site here
  • A range of questions and answers about multiple intelligence are here
  • Multiple intelligence questionaire, for students to complete perhaps here

De Bono

  • View a series of interviews of De Bono and links to the De Bono site here
  • Six thinking hats concept explained here
  • How to use Plus, Minus Interesting (PMI) here


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